• Long haul ebook The Dragon King (English literature) by Patrik Martinet iBook PDF FB2 9781734152548

    The Dragon King by Patrik Martinet

    Long haul ebook The Dragon King (English literature) by Patrik Martinet iBook PDF FB2 9781734152548

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    • The Dragon King
    • Patrik Martinet
    • Page: 382
    • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
    • ISBN: 9781734152548
    • Publisher: Pem Publishing LLC


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    Long haul ebook The Dragon King (English literature) by Patrik Martinet iBook PDF FB2 9781734152548


    After returning from the island of Kvorga, Yolken experienced a disastrous confrontation with the Regency. Not only did he fail to rescue Javen, but Kaylan is now a prisoner of the Regency as well. And it was all his fault. He desperately wants to return to Onta and rescue Kaylan, but a far greater peril pulls him away. Faced with an impossible task, he begrudgingly assumes a role he doesn't want and seeks help from someone who wants him dead. Meanwhile, Javen has been thoroughly enjoying himself in Onta, wanting for almost nothing. The only thing missing was the woman he loved. So when he learned Yolken and Kaylan would be passing through Onta, he seized his opportunity to take her for himself. After successfully kidnapping Kaylan and at last standing up to his brother, Javen travels to the capital of the empire to become a regent. But unexpected advice compels him to decide where his loyalties truly reside. After Hadie's attempt to kill Drenan failed, she went in search of the man she loves only to be humiliated when she finds him with someone else. Dejected, she returns to Hantlo. Realizing the Blessed are doing nothing to combat the worsening environmental conditions rapidly destroying her home, Hadie decides it's time to liberate the south from their oppressive rule. Knowing that no rebellion has ever succeeded and having witnessed the Blessed's swift judgment on those who try, she teams up with an unsavory group to attempt the impossible. The result is not what she expected.

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